September 2019 Newsletter

While time may fly, so too have the various initiatives that Visit Stellenbosch has launched since we had an opportunity to connect with you during the Town Hall meeting in July.

Most importantly, we now have a driver for our new Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) which brings Stellenbosch stakeholders under one umbrella to market Destination Stellenbosch as a leading tourism and experience centre in the Western Cape and South Africa.

Jeanneret Momberg, who has over 25 years’ experience within Stellenbosch’s wine and tourism sector, has been appointed Visit Stellenbosch GM and, along with her team, has dived right into the task of delivering on the new DMO’s mandate.

To this end, Visit Stellenbosch is finalising its Memorandum of Incorporation. Following this, we will launch a membership drive which will include sector gatherings as well as private sessions giving our potential members the opportunity to engage and get clarity on any uncertainties regarding Visit Stellenbosch. We have extended the period within which the registration fee is waived until 30 September 2019.

Top DMCs explore Stellenbosch’s gems

One of our first tourism initiatives was to showcase Stellenbosch to nine leading Destination Marketing Companies. This past weekend, we unveiled Stellenbosch “beyond the half day” and we’re pleased to say the feedback received from these DMCs was that they were blown away by the diverse offerings of the destination.

This is just one of the types of initiatives that members of Visit Stellenbosch will enjoy in future, so secure your involvement in these by enrolling as a Visit Stellenbosch member.

A further initiative includes the development of our website which will offer live booking functionality – something that the tourism and MICE sectors have told us is key to unlocking Destination Stellenbosch for future business.

This is an exceptional opportunity for the smaller accommodation players to benefit directly from Visit Stellenbosch membership as accommodation will be bookable on the Visit Stellenbosch website. Taking up Visit Stellenbosch membership will ensure you an opportunity to showcase your offering to any potential visitor

A focus on business tourism

For Visit Stellenbosch, business tourism is certainly a core focus. As such, we are working hard on unlocking this lucrative sector’s potential through positioning Stellenbosch as a living conference centre. Stellenbosch University is a vital partner in this endeavour, hosting numerous events, and we will share more detail with members as this initiative unfolds. This is yet another opportunity for accommodation and experience players to benefit directly from Visit Stellenbosch membership.

In the coming week, you will receive a high-level data survey from the Visit Stellenbosch office, aimed at categorising the assets and products for Stellenbosch including all sectors for example accommodation, restaurants, experiences and services. We would appreciate your participation which will help us ascertain the extent of the tourism product we have to offer in Stellenbosch.

For now, we hope this gives you some insights into Visit Stellenbosch’s current focus and the work we’re doing. We are excited about the future of Visit Stellenbosch and the opportunities it will unlock in the tourism economy of Stellenbosch for you, and of course all the citizens of this town.