World-class visitor services and shared local experiences

The newly established Visit Stellenbosch connects all aspects of tourism and creates a compelling and unique place experience for locals and visitors throughout the year.


 Centralising the operational functions and resources of Stellenbosch stakeholders in wine, tourism, food and business, among other sectors, Visit Stellenbosch’s long-term tourism plan is aimed at improving service excellence, driving tourism innovation and enhancing the place experience for locals and visitors alike.


At the heart of this lies a determined focus on tourism-led social solutions, specifically in terms of job creation and skills improvement and enterprise development.      

We aim to create 5 000 new jobs in the tourism and experience economy in Stellenbosch in the next 5 years by inspiring visitors to stay longer, do more and visit us again.


This brand goes beyond our history and scenery and captures the energy and soul of Stellenbosch – a place where people come to discover, learn, create, start-up, launch, and bring into being.


Visit Stellenbosch embraces this spirit of advancement by creating shareable moments for locals and visitors, representative of a town that celebrates its past, but is also passionate about its future as a dynamic, youthful hub of innovation.

Visit Stellenbosch Tourist Information Centre

Visit Stellenbosch’s Visitor Centre is the place to make all your Stellenbosch plans. Offering free information and reservations services. Need a map? Want suggestions for dinner? Need help planning activities or booking a tour? We have a complete collection of current information on every aspect of Stellenbosch and its Wine Routes.


The Visitor Centre is your one-stop shop for planning your time in and around Stellenbosch. It also offers a selection of local products and crafts, a selection of refreshments or even a glass of wine.


The visitor centre is located in the historical heart of Stellenbosch, just steps away from many tourist attractions. The professional, and friendly staff can help you make the most of your Stellenbosch experience and assist with itinerary planning and inspiration.


Stop by and meet our team!

Meet the Team

Visit Stellenbosch - Jeanneret

Jeanneret Momberg


With 25 years’ experience within Stellenbosch’s wine and tourism sector, Jeanneret Momberg takes the helm at Visit Stellenbosch, bringing Stellenbosch stakeholders under one umbrella to market Destination Stellenbosch as a leading tourism and experience centre in the Western Cape and South Africa.

Visit Stellenbosch - Elmarie

Elmarie Rabe

Marketing Manager

Elmarie has been working for Stellenbosch Wine Routes since 2011. With marketing, communications, content creation, events, conceptualization and projects experience and operational oversight, Elmarie wears many hats. Working in an exciting and fast paced environment, she gets to explore Stellenbosch every day through the eyes of visitors and locals, sharing the magic of this special place.

Nicolette Booyens

Nicolette Booyens

Socio-Economic Development Coordinator

Nicolette has been part of the VS landscape for a while now and is tasked with delivering projects focussed on local economic development, youth employment and social cohesion, as part of the Visit Stellenbosch’s goal to make a meaningful impact on the greater Stellenbosch community.
She has over 15 years’ experience in community development and she specialises in community education, enterprise development and social innovation and loves this job because she gets to make a real difference in the lives of the people in our town that need it most.

Visit Stellenbosch - Madalene

Madalene Manuel

Wine Tourism Administrator / Marketing and Operational Assistant

Madalene studied Hotel and Restaurant Management before returning to her home town of Vredendal after completing her studies. In 2011, she landed her first permanent job at a wine farm restaurant and in 2013, was appointed as a Wine and Tourism ambassador in the local Tourism Office. In 2015, she made the move to Stellenbosch and began working for Stellenbosch Wine Routes as a Marketing Assistant. Madalene loves the diversity of the work where no two days are alike.

Visit Stellenbosch - Jenna

Jenna Moses

Tourism Administrator

Jenna has worked for 17 years in the tourism industry, after studying Tourism at Boland College and obtaining a tourist guide badge in 2010. Today Jenna connects visitors and residents to the remarkable experiences that await in Stellenbosch, encouraging repeat visitors and recommendations. Jenna enjoys her role as it’s diverse and she gets to dip her toes into different sectors. There is room to grow and develop herself and most importantly, she connects people who want to have fun, relax and enjoy an escape in Stellenbosch.

Christeleen Sanvido

Christeleen Sanvido

Marketing Assistant, Content Creator and Communication

Christeleen joined the VS team in 2020 and is enjoying the environment. Every day is different and, coming from a neighbouring town, it is inspiring to work with a passionate team, always looking for new angles and stories. The support and unity of all members are amazing and it is great to be a part of this group.


Lizelle Vos

Finance and Admin

Lizelle is the person who keeps us all on our financial toes since 2020. Her experiences include a quick stint in banking industry followed by a move to the Big Bad Corporate world. Now she has her own practice in Stellenbosch. Lizelle loves her job because numbers make sense, and money makes the world go round.

Visit Stellenbosch - Rhea

Rhea Michau

Visit Information Officer

Rhea’s role at Visit Stellenbosch is to provide the best client service possible, assisting clients with all their needs and giving them the best local-approved information for their visit to Stellenbosch. She loves interacting with visitors and meeting new people every day, along with working with the Visit Stellenbosch team.

Visit Stellenbosch - Shantal

Shantal Wollow

Visit Information Liaison

As the Visitor Liaison, Shantal helps guests plan their stay in Stellenbosch and surrounds. After finishing her matric, Shantal enrolled in training courses and worked at guest houses and a wine farm. She then took a wine course and began working at Stellenbosch Wine Routes, over 12 years ago. Shantal loves meeting with people from different cultures and countries, and that each day brings its own challenges to meet head-on.

Visit Stellenbosch - Llewellyn

Llewellyn McDilling

Destination Coordinator

Llewellyn works at the front of house, a guest service professional who focuses on sales and operations management. He is the man to ensure that events, media trips, marketing and social media run smoothly. Describing himself as a highly motivated self-started and eternal optimist, Llewellyn thrives on challenges and enjoys working as part of the dynamic Visit Stellenbosch team.

Visit Stellenbosch - Lance

Lance Naude

Visit Information Liaison

Lance’s role at Visit Stellenbosch is to ‘man’ the tourism office on wheels. While he hasn’t been part of the team as long as some of his colleagues, he has certainly learnt and experienced much in a short space of time. He loves communicating with people and sharing with them what he loves most about “Stellies!”

“With Visit Stellenbosch we will make Stellenbosch a living tourism laboratory where we can pilot, test and implement innovative and scalable high-impact solutions to tackle pressing social and economic issues.”


— Mike Ratcliffe, Chairman of Stellenbosch Wine Routes —