Membership FAQs

How do I apply to become a member?
Complete the linked Membership Application. Within 7 days, a representative of Visit Stellenbosch will be in touch to discuss your membership application.


Who can become a member of Visit Stellenbosch?
Any tourism-focussed business, organisation, experience or service, NPO, community initiative or a non-tourism corporate or business that falls within the official geographic demarcation of Wine of Origin Stellenbosch, with defined exceptions in the Helderberg sub-route, can apply to become a member.


Tourism-focussed businesses, organisations, experiences or services, NPOs, community initiatives or non-tourism corporates or businesses in the Helderberg sub-route region, situated south of Winery Rd, which are not qualifying members of Stellenbosch Wine Route, can apply for a premium membership package and will be featured in “Beyond Stellenbosch”*.


*“Beyond Stellenbosch” members will benefit from exposure on the marketing and communication platforms of Visit Stellenbosch that encourage visitors to stay in Stellenbosch for longer and explore the surrounding areas. “Beyond Stellenbosch” members will receive marketing exposure in a specific designated “Beyond Stellenbosch” section. An example of this would be the inclusion of an experience outside of Stellenbosch in a profiled 5-day itinerary.


Admission to membership is at the sole discretion of the board of directors of Visit Stellenbosch.


What will membership contributions be used for?
All membership contributions will be used to supplement municipal funding made available from time to time to promote and implement our strategic objectives. This includes operational expenses, visitor support services and destination marketing which forms the heart of our commercially-minded tourism delivery agency. Additional funding received from for example Stellenbosch Wine Routes (“SWR”), for wine-related events and other tourism initiatives, will be solely used for those purposes and will be managed as a projects within the broader organisation, to be governed by a Service Level Agreements between Visit Stellenbosch and SWR for any such specific purposes.


When will the membership plans be implemented?
Membership options and plans were launched at the end of July 2019. Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to delay the roll-out of the sign-up process. We are however now ready to proceed in taking in new members. Member services have been ongoing and we look forward unveiling new and exciting features in due course.


I already contribute to SWR and/or SPM – must I also pay Visit Stellenbosch?
Qualifying members who contribute towards Stellenbosch Wine Routes (SWR) and/or Stellenbosch Publicity and Marketing (SPM) through their levy models will not have to pay Visit Stellenbosch directly for a Classic Plan Membership. This contribution will be paid annually by SWR and *SPM towards Visit Stellenbosch on behalf of the member.


*SPM will pay Visit Stellenbosch membership on behalf of a member provided that member contributes double the value of the membership to SPM through Stellenbosch Tourism Levies.


Additional fees for members who will benefit from the Premium Plan will be billed directly to the tourism business. For example: A wine producer with multiple tourism offerings such as a winery, restaurant and guesthouse – qualifies for a Premium Plan. SWR will pay Visit Stellenbosch on behalf of the SWR member R5400 per year (10% upfront discount included) to cover the fees for the Classic Plan and associated benefits and services. The winery will be responsible to pay the remainder of the Premium Plan contribution directly to Visit Stellenbosch. This is R3240 (10% upfront discount included) for the current year.


I think the monthly membership contribution is high?
The Advisory Board consulted various members to develop an inclusive membership model that is fair towards all tourism role-players. The three tourism membership plans are also easy to manage and administrate, and will help to make the organisation sustainable and fit for purpose. Furthermore, we have compared the membership fees to some of our main destination competitors and we believe that it is market-related, and in many cases more affordable than similar services offered in the region.


How can I pay my membership contribution?
Members who pay their full annual membership in advance will receive a 10% upfront discount. If you prefer to pay monthly, this can be arranged via debit order.


Why do I have to pay a once-off registration fee?
We are developing a robust and sustainable delivery agency for tourism in Stellenbosch. To take on new members requires time and resources to properly and accurately profile new members and their services, and to include them in our monitoring and reporting systems. The once-off registration fee of R1000 per new member makes provision for these services we provide to new members.


Qualifying members who contribute towards Stellenbosch Wine Routes (SWR) and/or Stellenbosch Publicity and Marketing (SPM) will not have to pay the once-off registration fee.

I am a very small business or community project and can’t afford R300 per month?
Qualifying for good projects, initiatives and businesses that work to enhance the shared experience of Stellenbosch in local tourism product and social economic development can apply for a Community Plan. The fee for this membership plan is only R1000 per year.


How do I cancel my membership?
If you would like to cancel your membership that is paid on a monthly basis, you can cancel with a 30-day notice period. Annual membership fees are not refundable, but you can cancel the listing and profiling of your tourism business with a 30-day notice period.