South African Tourism Germany- Social Media support

South African Tourism Germany- Social Media support

Dear valued colleagues,

My name is Marcel and I work at the SAT Central Europe Hub in Frankfurt, Germany. As you all know the current and unfortunately still ongoing Pandemic situation is a threat and big challenge for all of us.

Therefore we have implemented a Social Media campaign, in which we want to cover our good local partner from South Africa. Those can be Hotels, Lodges, Activities, Parks and all other touristic partners.

In order to receive the best possible outcome, we need your support as our valued province partner. If you are able to forward the content below to your local trade partners, that would be much appreciated.

Our target is to continue inspire our trade and travel community, keep them updated about developments in the market and basically to showcase all the beautiful things South Africa has to offer.

We would highly appreciate your support.  Of course we also appreciate input and content from you as Province as well!

If there are any further questions, do let me know. Always happy to help.


Marcel Arens

Request Content:

Social Media Campaign

Dear Valued Partners,

We, the German office of SAT came up with the below initiative that will assist us to continue to be in the minds of the trade globally.

See information below and we would humbly request your full participation in this regard.

These are no ordinary times. The COVID-19 crisis has hit the tourism industry hard, South Africa is in lockdown and travel to and within South Africa is currently not possible. As South African Tourism in Central Europe we are responsible for the key tourist markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are constantly looking for ways to keep consumers & travel agents interested in our beautiful country, to inspire them to dream and (right now) travel later. One of those ways is an on-going social media and online buzz for which we need your support.  We would like to support our local business especially during these hard times and keep the “Dream for South Africa” amongst the interested travellers alive.

If you have great photo and / or video material of your establishment, product, activity we’d like to ask you to share this with us so we can use it for our (social media) marketing efforts. We will of course always give the adequate credit (via social media) and link to your website where possible. This is a long-term project which will continue to go on beyond the coronavirus.  

If you are happy to collaborate with us, the following is what we’d need from you (now or in the future):

Profile – Nice worded profile which clearly illustrates your services

Links to all of your current social media handles and relevant hashtags

Information on where to book

Image and video material in high resolution and relevant aspect ratios for Facebook and Instagram so 1:1 and 9:16 (for story elements)

For the ideal sizes, please check

Image and video material in high resolution (1920×1080 px, HD, 16:9) for our website and / or YouTube

Extra: Instagram stories

If you upload an Instagram story in the right portrait format, it might not be in HD, but please feel free to download it to your phone and send it across to us nonetheless so we might be able to use it at a later stage

Please also feel free to tag our Instagram account @suedafrika_erleben within your stories so we can see your content and share it to our story (the tag can be really small in order to not destroy the beauty of your story )

In case there are people on your images or videos, please make sure that you have the rights to share the content with us and for usage online and internationally

Last but not least: Please give us your written consent for the free digital use on all digital SAT channels

You can send the material to us via E-Mail (no more than 20 MB), WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Our social media handles are as follows:

Newsletter Campaign

Our German office is embarking on creating a newsletter showcasing South Africa product to the German, Swiss Market focusing on a possible tourism restart. The aim is to showcase to German community that South Africa is ready to welcome German visitors again.

We have identified you as one of the enterprises that should be profiled. The plan is to start with profiling and we would like you to send us the following:

  • 50 word Profile
  • Contact Person
  • Tel
  • Website Address
  • Social Media Platforms
  • 2 Images reflecting your product ad what you are all about


Marcel Arens
Campaign and Partnership Specialistu

Telephone: (+49)-69-9291-2934
Cell: (+49) -177-8384594 
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